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"The Bee" - set design

TheBee (4)
TheBee (2)
The Bee_cover
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TYPE: Set design
LOCATION: Faculty of Dramatic Arts , Belgrade
YEAR: 2015. 
STATUS: Completed
CREDITS: Ema Stojkovic 

ABOUT:     THE BEE, co-written by Hideki Noda and Colin Teevan


Director_Alekasandar Marković

Set Designer_Ema Stojković

Costume Designer_Jovana Pantić

Scenography was manufactured in the FDU workshops


The set represents Japan's flat design with classic Japanese elements such as screens made of wooden substructure coated with canvas and minimalist furniture. The whole design is positioned at an angle to the audience, in order to create distortion in space pointing out the plot which begins as a daily routine and develops in the story with deviance behaviour of the characters.

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