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Villa in Istria

TYPE: Residential / Tourist 
LOCATION: Istria, Croatia
YEAR: 2021. 

SIZE: 327 m2
STATUS: Concept design

CREDITS: Nemanja Kordic, Nikola Stevanovic

ABOUT: Villa is located Istria region in Croatia, less than 10km from the Adriatic sea, close to Slovenian border and less than two hours ride to Italy. The location is famous in Istria for its gastronomy and wine routes, and it is well connected to all Istria coastal and mainland tourist sites which makes it convenient for rent. The villa is designed as a rental property occasionally to be used by the client and his family. It targets larger or several families who would like to spend their holidays together in comfortable accommodation while exploring Istria by car. The 4* villa has 4 bedrooms each with its own terrace as private outdoor space and a large living area on the ground level. The volume is positioned longitudinally along the plot facing the pool area and the yard on the south side. A significant part of the plot is reserved for cars: two in the garage and the possibility to accommodate three more cars on the plot, the largest part of the yard is the pool area with a 32m2 swimming pool, while the rest of the open areas are distributed within the 4m setback to accommodate bbq areas, flower gardens, and relaxation decks. The main entrance is located centrally and opens to the living area to the left, providing a direct connection to the backyard and the stairway to the bedrooms on the first floor. The upper volume cantilevers towards the south and southwest, creating the loggias for the bedrooms and a shaded poolside area in front of the living room on the ground floor. The villa is to be constructed using the most common and economic local building techniques, a skeletal concrete system, a flat roof with inclined roof sandwich panels. The facade is designed using a rhythm of who finishes: a gray render and Croatian white "Brač stone", the facade is united with two parapet stone ribbons that fold around the house. 

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