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GP 12 Residential Building, Vršac, Serbia


TYPE: Residential / collective housing
LOCATION: Vršac, Serbia
YEAR: 2022. 

SIZE: 2017m2 GFA (A+B).
STATUS: In process for the building permit.

CREDITS: Nikola Stevanovic , Nemanja Kordic, Ema Stojkovic, Bogdan Djokić

ABOUT:   The residential building is located in the historic city center of the town of Vršac and is surrounded by buildings from the beginning of the last century. However, being involved in the process of densification of historic urban fabric may be a tricky and and sometimes unpopular task for the architect, therefore we decided to blend old and new. Preservation of the existing building's ground floor façade shows respect for the architectural heritage, while the façade of the upper levels were designed using a contemporary architectural vocabulary. The main A - building contains 18 housing units range from studio apartment, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments, while the backyard building B serves as a parking garage on the ground level and the storage & facility rooms on the +1 level. 

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