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雅志轩 Tea House, Jinan

bookstore finalno
Punblic area tea tasting
osnova 1
osnova 2
04 FINAL - post + decor
Punblic area
Creative room
Meditation room
Quiet room
public area
Meditation room descriptions
gouverment description
creative room description
Bookstore room description

TYPE: Interior design
LOCATION: Jinan, China
YEAR: 2016-2017. 
SIZE: 380m2
STATUS: Completed
CREDITS: Nikola Stevanovic, Petar Smiljanic, Ema Stojkovic, Nemanja Kordic


The organisational concept of the tea house project reinterprets Chinese tea culture and tradition, The main hall area is designed as a tea tasting, sales and mass consumption zones, while the private rooms are more thematic as a business and government rooms, reading rooms, meditation rooms and flower-culture rooms. Design concept is saturated with the use of natural and "pure" materials such as wood, stone, copper and brass.

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