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Projects / Sejong Daero

nocna nova
extensive district sheme
circulation diagram
dnevna nova
street level plan
sections 500
strctural concept
section 250
osnova 500
mechanical concept
+1 level plan
-2 -1  plans

TYPE: Public / cultural space 
YEAR: 2015. 

SIZE: 5400 m2 
STATUS: Competition 

CREDITS: Nemanja Kordić, Goran Marinović, Petar Smiljanić, Dunja Predić 

ABOUT: A sundial is a device that tells the time of day by the position of the Sun in the sky. During the Joseon Dynasty, under the reign of Sejong the Great, Korea achieved the greatest period of scientific advancement. Under Sejong’s new Cheonmin policy (lower-status) even peasants, such as Jang Yeong-sil, were allowed to work for the government. At a young age, Jang displayed talent as an inventor and engineer. Furthermore, Jang in cooperation with other scientists made Korea’s first sundial, Angbu Ilgu. At that time, due to his invention, sundials were placed in strategic spots, such as main streets with heavy traffic, so that the people could be well informed of the time. This governmental policy of inclusiveness provided the platform for rapid development of Korean society.


Program and its distribution enable different duration of time spent on the site. This duration goes from 5 minutes needed to consume quick content according to the principle of pit stop; spending dozens of minutes in the bookstore, the gallery, multiple retails or restaurants. Then leading to a stay of several hours and over night in the jimjilbang. Comparable to slowed and relaxed space of the jimjilbang is above ground part of our intervention. This ground space is designed as an open space which can foster unexpected public activities and stimulate citizen’s interaction.

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