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National Museum of Serbia, extension

fasada vasina
Edited Image 2013-4-1-15:10:29

TYPE: Museum
LOCATION: Belgrade
YEAR: 2012. 
SIZE: 12000m2
STATUS: Competition 
CREDITS: Nemanja Kordić, Natalija Miodragovic, Iva Resetar

ABOUT: Concept of the project of refurbishment and extension of National Museum of Serbia conceives its reorganization and connecting its contents scattered around the building originally meant to be a bank before it became a national museum. Plans are assumed to be as free as possible with maximal fluidity, but respectful to the architectural heritage of the building that had to be conserved. Third and fourth floor are completely refurbished and placed under the roof, which is in terms of shaping, the only intervention visible from outside the museum. It is conceived like a light modular "diagrid" structure, containing truss roof modules catching northern light, and copper panels in order to obtain material dialogue between new roof and existing historical cupolas, and preserving the vistas of existing historical facades.

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