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"Ova će biti ista" - Set design / Atelje 212 theatre, Belgrade

fotografije_autor Irena Nikolić (6)
scenografija_Ova će biti ista - model-kolažirano (2)
fotografije_autor Boško Radonjić (6)
fotografije_autor Boško Radonjić (1)
grafički dizajn kulisa
fotografije_autor Irena Nikolić (5)
fotografije_autor Irena Nikolić (3)
fotografije_autor Boško Radonjić (3)

TYPE: Set design
LOCATION: Atelje212 Theater, Belgrade
YEAR: 2021. 
STATUS: Completed
CREDITS:  Ema Stojković Jerinić (Set designer) and Irena NIkolić (Assistant set designer)

ABOUT:   "Ova će biti ista"

Playwright: Staša Bajac

Stage Director: Ivan Vuković

Dramaturge: Jelena Mijović

Costume Designer: Dragica Laušević

Composers: MuNic / Stevan Radulović

Video works: Jelena Tvrdišić


A modern, at times witty, but bitter and painful story from the point of view of three men about experiencing themselves in this time and looking at women and relationships with them.

The scenography is composed of realistic, ambiguous symbolic objects in a unique space. The stage is dominated by three high bars with hanging urinals in the shape of women's mouth that imply the space of a men's toilet - symbolically, as a space of public, yet intimate character. The red refrigerator is a reflection of the female principle, and it keeps all the props that the actors use. Its counterpart is the white horse on wheels - an expression of the male principle with the role of the adored car of one of the characters. In the central zone, there is a canvas on which some life sequences of the three characters are projected. It is framed by panels with printed motives of the jungle as an association to the life concept of the characters of the play and their behavior, which is often beastly, primitive and cruel as it is in the animal world.


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