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Studio MART ARCHITECTURE is a multidisciplinary design practice focused in architectural design. The studio is led by three partner architects and a larger network of collaborators: architects, structural engineers, MEP consultants, graphic and industrial designers, applied artists and programmers. Our office is based in Belgrade and it works both on Serbian and international market.

Nemanja Kordić

Ema Stojković

M.Arch.  M.eng.WP.

Nikola Stevanović


Nemanja is a founding partner at MART ARCHITECTURE. Born in 1984, studied at faculty of Architecture - University Of Belgrade 2003-2009 (Mast.eng.arch.) and Staedelschule Architecture Class in Frankfurt 2010-2012 (Master in Advanced Architectural Design) with professor Ben van Berkel. Currently, and PhD (2021), works as a teaching assistant in architectural design studios at Bachelor and Master Programs at Faculty of Architecture - University of Belgrade. 

He worked for several international companies: Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes / Paris 2008 - working on a completed Voestalpine office building in Linz, Studio Tomas Saraceno / Berlin 2010-2012 where he worked on many exhibitions and realized large scale installations, UNStudio / Amsterdam 2013-2014  seeing projects through all design phases ( IBG Belastindienst  pavilion in Groningen, Museum of African Art, Astana Expo Masterplan, Doha Metro System - lead designer of the elevated stations...). 

Besides his professional background since very early, he developed his independent work and within different collaborative teams on many competition projects which resulted in winning multiple awards. He has a specific interest in architectural and urban design, focusing on the issue of Infrastructure and spatial efficiency. He is trained to use contemporary parametric design and digital fabrication tools. 

Ema is a founding partner at  MART ARCHITECTURE. Born in 1984, studied at Faculty of Architecture - University Of Belgrade  2003-2008 (Mast.eng.arch.) and Faculty of Forestry - University Of Belgrade 2012-2015  (Mast.eng. Wood processing & Furniture design) with a master theses related to interior and theater set design and production.

In the field of set design, she created and developed several theater scenographies (set design) as independent author as well as an assistant in renowned Belgrade theaters. 

Since young age she has found interest in arts and still strives to mix and combine different artistic spheres. Besides architecture and stage design, today she works in ballet and acting studios as an instructor of ballet and stage movement and choreographer.  These skills connected with the architectural practice, enables her to better understand and create scenic spaces for interior design and theater plays.


She has worked as freelance architect and in collaboration with other architects, artists and architectural  studios, mostly  being engaged to  interior design and production, with numerous built projects including  private houses and retail  and public facilities.

Nikola is a founding partner at  MART ARCHITECTURE and also founder and CEO of METAR Architectural Studio established in 2013. Born in 1983, studied at The Faculty of Architecture - University Of Belgrade 2004-2009 (Mast.eng.arch.)

From 2009-2012, he worked as a student assistant and external associate expert in architectural design studios at Bachelor and Master Programs at The Faculty of Architecture - University of Belgrade. 

Worked for and was associated with several architectural and construction companies: Architectural Atelier AA / Serbia 2008 - 2013, Biro Plus AD / Serbia 2008 - , Eurocons group AD / Serbia 2012 - , where he worked on numerous architectural projects in different stages, from conceptual to construction. With these companies he worked for many international clients. Got several built projects and a few under construction.

Also worked on a large number of competitions which resulted in multiple awards. Prefers a multidisciplinary approach to architectural and urban design and believes that a good design is the outcome of the analysis of needs but also the analysis of current conditions and surrounding circumstances.

Able to lead the project independently but also to be a strong member of a team.


In our projects we collaborated with following colleagues: Aleksandar Marković, Aleksanra Terzović, Darko Nedeljković, Vojislav Stevanović, Milutin Cerović, Ivana Damjanović, Petar Smiljanić, Vladimir Radulović, Vanja Enbulajev,  Stanislava Predojević, Dunja Predić, Đorđe Matić, Goran Marinović,  Ljubica Arsić, Milica Djokovic, Natalija Miodragović, Iva Rešetar, Nikola MIhajlović, Jefto Terzović, Bogdan Djokić, Irena Nikolić, Ilija Srdanović, Aleksa Rašić, Đorđe Stefanović

Thanks everybody!



Design Partner

Nikola Mihajlović

Artist, Wall Painting


Vukasin Marković

Graphic Design


Engineering consultancy

Jefto Terzović

Structural Engineer


Design Consultancy

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Graphic design and Animation studio

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