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Ceramic art "Gallery 1250", Belgrade

TYPE: Retail / art gallery 
LOCATION: Belgrade
YEAR: 2022. 
SIZE: 40 m²
STATUS: Completed
CREDITS: Nemanja Kordić, Irena Nikolić, Olga Lazarević (Lighting design) Ema Stojković Jerinić, Bogdan Djokić, Nikola Stevanović

PHOTO: Sara Pilipović



The task was to help 6 young ceramic artists improve their showroom space. The space is located in Belgrade District in an old open air shopping center in the center of Belgrade. The principal idea was to create "depth of the space" and have as many ceramics products visible from outside, while the second objective was to display as much products as possible within a small space, while giving each artwork enough room to be observed and touched. The goals were approached using low cupboards and display boxes on the perimeter of the space that surround the central composition - an abstract dining table, while the white mdf and glass shelves containing most of the artworks are occupying the large back wall visible from outside.

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