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Dr. Ivana Ribara, social housing 


TYPE: Social housing 
LOCATION: Belgrade
YEAR: 2011. 
SIZE: 26000m2
STATUS: Competition 
CREDITS: Nemanja Kordić, Milutin Cerović, Ivana Damjanović, Stanislava Predojevic 

ABOUT: Urban concept is trying find a balance between huge density of development and the optimal contact of the housing objects to the green areas as a basic parameter for quality of the living spaces. Proposal consists 15 freestanding buildings forming a network of interconnected courtyards inside the building site area. In order to achieve the demanded capacities, main facades of the objects are distanced 24m (max. height), 12 meter distance is used when the openings on the facade belong to the non living space, and additional density is achieved by overlapping the objects sometimes distancing only 4m (in these zones facades have no openings). The idea of inner courtyards creates the feeling of a neighborhood, different courtyards are producing specific urban situations which give new qualities to the overall solution based on the heterogeneous spaces opposed to the homogeneity and repetition when designing a large number of non profit apartments.

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