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Feng Xi Hui Restaurant

Traditional room 1
plan fuvctions
inspiration 1
banquet hall 1
Traditional room 1 diagram
public showroom
public showeoom
banquet hall 1 diagram
decroation strategy

TYPE: Interior design
LOCATION: Dongying, China
YEAR: 2016. 
SIZE: 1200m2
STATUS: Concept design
CREDITS: Nemanja Kordić, Nikola Stevanovic, Kristina Drapic, Ema Stojkovic, Petar Smiljanic, Alessandro Colli

ABOUT: The concept for the Feng Xi Hui restaurant comprises generic private room typology according to the type of celebration that the restaurant is hosting. The hall represents a showroom garden, while the style of the private rooms and banquet halls vary between the modern / classy and modern Chinese style. All the rooms include two basic segment a a dining area and a lounge area. Banquet halls enable a large degree of flexibility since they can be subdivided into smaller private rooms which still include a level of luxury and exclusiveness having the chandelier as a central motive for the space.

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