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"Bizzare" - set design, National Theater

osnova i  presek
Scena Rasa Plaovic + scenografija predstave Bizarno
Bizzare (1)
Bizzare (8)
Bizzare (7)
Bizzare (6)
Bizzare (4)
Bizzare (3)
Bizzare (2)

TYPE: Set design
LOCATION: National Drama Theater , Belgrade
YEAR: 2013. 
STATUS: Completed
CREDITS: Darko Nedeljkovic, Ema Stojkovic 

ABOUT:   "Bizzare"

Director_Snežana Trišić

Set Designer_Darko Nedeljković

Costume Designer_Marina Medenica

Assistent Set Designer_Ema Stojković

Scenography was  manufactured in The National theatre workshops


Referring to the words of director Snežana Trišić, the play Bizzare presentes „the society composed of drug addicts, mobsters, police, ladies of easy virtue, returnees from the battlefield, all in all – space of "former people" and "non-human", space of "fall"."


The task for set designer is to create the three milieus of New Belgrade skyscraper (the apartment, cafe in the basemant and the roof), which correspond to events related to the three scenes in the play. Despite the need for different theater spaces, director and set designer have opted for the concept of a single space that would envoke a picture of the diversity and connectivity of mentioned environments by using a variety of director’s methods and adequate light and sound.

Stage design for the play "Bizarre" has purified form. Its elements are plate forms differently oriented in space, with different dimensions and substructure and with a common nature of cover panels made of plywood. There are vertical backdropes, large and small pieces of sloped surfaces and smaller horizontal surfaces (walkways and furniture elements incorporated into the set design). All these structures are painted in concrete gray, which, except as a symbol for New Belgrade skyscrapers, has  proved to be an excellent base for vibrant colors of costumes, props  and lights.

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