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competition - 1st prize

with : 4of7 / Belgrade (Djordje Stojanovic, Milutin Cerovic, Andjela Karabasevic)

First Prize at the competition for a bicycle-pedestrian route that connects the city of Trstenik to the monastery complex Ljubostinja. Several stopping points /A-F/ are planned to be located along the route as small resting places each with a specific purpose. These new activities contribute to the activation of this path and the creation of a new recreational area for the city.

The idea is for these stops along the path to be built gradually, one by one, during a certain period of time. The unique identity of each point is carefully defined by its function. Firstly, the visitor is led by a rent a bike stop in the very beginning of the route /A/, then two resting places inside the forest /B/, only to arrive at the eco-market stop amidst a few houses at the point when the path exits the forest for a while /C/.  It is reserved for selling locally produced products and souvenirs. At the spot where the route is closest to the river is where a small picnic area below a wooden shade is planned to be located /D/. The next stop leads the way up into the treetops, as a viewpoint towards the monastery with the river Susica and the forest around it.  At the end of the route, a new wooden bridge over the river directs the visitor into the monastery complex Ljubostinja.

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