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Novi Sad library extension


LOCATION: Novi Sad, Serbia
YEAR: 2500 m2
SIZE: 2500m2
STATUS: Competition 
CREDITS: Nikola Stevanovic , Vladimir Radulovic , Vanja Enbulajev , Milica Djokovic

ABOUT: With its position, the new building forms the face of the block looking at Gimnazijska Street. The City Library and the Antique shop are joined by the new building into a unique integral space which enables furtherextension of the Library. The new building is accessed through the existing library. 


Architectural concept: The concept of extension of the City Library results from the thesis that a contemporary library is a source of information with unlimited access. Information is free. It is not and cannot be material. Information is a message. The Library becomes the reading room and a meeting point. Information sources are available to everyone and are all around. Visually and functionally, the new library spaces are transparent and “open” with clearly discernible program parts. Available interaction represents a direct relationship between the source of information and the user – users can access the information on their own.

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