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K-distrikt apartment

New plan layout
Ceiling / Lighting plan
Exhisting layout

TYPE: Apartment 
LOCATION: Belgrade
YEAR: 2020 / 2021. 
SIZE: 115.5 m²
STATUS: Completed
CREDITS: Ema Stojković Jerinić, Aleksandar Marković


PHOTO: Rade Kovač



The functional scheme of the apartment has been changed in relation to the one set from the building project. The kitchen has been given an expanded meaning, in terms of size and importance that it gained by connecting with the island - the dining table as the central motive of a large room of the living area. The master room has been modified in a way that provides, in addition to its own bathroom, a walk-in wardrobe. The two children's rooms have been given different approaches by forming a "dormitory" and a "playroom".

The concept of interior design is based on the transformation of the classic type of apartment into a salon imbued with a contemporary architectural approach. The accent is on the finishing of the walls. Cast plaster decorative moldings as a classic expression of the salon are supported by stone coverings in the form of large-format ceramic tiles with printed motifs - marble in the living room and various pigments with shading effect inspired by slow fading of plaster and wall decorations in the toilet and children's bathroom. Wooden elements of built-in furniture have equal parts for the wall treatment.

A linear light trail of lighting without a suspended ceiling makes a kind of polygon on the ceiling of the living area. The design of the ceiling is joined by segments with wooden slats that correspond to the carpentry elements, forming unique units in two important positions in the space - the kitchen with the dining room and the library.

A two-tone effect is achieved in the open space of the living area - the wooden tone that predominates is "cooled" by striking white walls.

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