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Supernatural Eco Pavilion


TYPE: Pavilion
LOCATION: Belgrade, Serbia
YEAR: 2011. 
SIZE: 50m2
STATUS: Competition - awarded Redemtion prize
CREDITS: Nemanja Kordic, Ivana Damjanovic 

ABOUT: Pavilion is inspired by an architecture created by animal communicates. Looking at life cycles of ants, bees, people and trees triggered the idea of creating a place for an “instant community” where ideas about ecology are exchanged. Growth of the pavilion’s structure is always related to the topography of the location, the pavilion grows vertically through contour lines, like an ant hill. The pavilion is materialized using lasercutted modular OSB boards made of recycled wood. Structural solution on is conceived as a system of decomposed, discontinued ribs, apparently completely randomly placed, in this system vertical structural elements change its densities and distances regarding the static and functional demands of the space, always following rules and possible positions in the 72 axis grid.

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