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"4 Colors - 5 Pistols"- set design

45 (6)
45 (12)
45 (5)
45 cover

TYPE: Set design
LOCATION: Youth theater Dadov, Belgrade
YEAR: 2015. 
STATUS: Completed
CREDITS: Ema Stokovic 

ABOUT:  4 COLORS, 5 PISTOLS, Tijana Grumić (inspired by the movie of Quentin Tarantino Reservoir Dogs)


Director_Alekasandar Marković

Set Designer_Ema Stojković

Costume Designer_Jovana Pantić

Scenography was manufactured in the Dadov workshop


Set design is devoid of different materials, textures and colors, and the whole is made of cardboard, which implies the elimination of complex identity at first and that way basically corresponds to the story.It is reduced to the simple elements, and the mobile ones can be used in different ways, in order to create few surroundings for different spots in the play.

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